Naiku - Cloud-Based Assessment

Better Assessment. Better Learning. 

The Next Generation Classroom Assessment Solution.


Naiku is the cloud-based classroom assessment solution for any Internet device. Ditch the #2 pencils, bubble sheets and clickers. Engage students, share and collaborate with colleagues, and instantly identify student performance by standard in any grade, any subject, at any time. 

Naiku's features include:

-    The ability to measure and monitor student progress.
-    Teacher-student interactive feedback tools.
-    Educators can create, share, import and deliver quizzes and tests in any subject area.
-    Automated scoring and built-in reports.
-    Data can be shared across the school and district to enhance best practices.

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Quick Question™ by Naiku is classroom response software used for formative assessment and increased student engagement. With Quick Question, teachers can quickly find out what their class knows – and doesn’t know – to inform instruction. No need to develop an item in advance – just ask questions verbally, from a projected online textbook, from a paper test, or a multitude of other ways.

Benchmark Now! is a free resource combining professionally developed benchmark assessments with Naiku's next generation assessment software to help you quickly identify your students’ knowledge and skills as measured by the Common Core State Standards.

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