MimioMobile Application

The MimioMobile Application. 

Collaborative Learning. Formative Assessment. Easy Setup.


Description: The NEW MimioMobile™ collaboration and assessment app lets schools get the most from the mobile devices they already have by using them for truly collaborative learning and ongoing summative and formative assessment. Schools and students benefit from collaborative group instruction, which encourages student participation and idea sharing.

  • Teachers can show any combination of the students’ work on the front-of-the-class display, creating greater collaborative learning and providing more in-depth understanding of the students’ comprehension.
  • The MimioMobile collaboration and assessment app is the only application that provides complete collaboration models for students working with each other and with teachers as part of an interactive whiteboard solution.
  • The MimioMobile app is compatible with Apple and Android phones and tablets, as well as any device with a supported Web browser– including Chromebooks, Windows and Mac laptops, Windows Surface tablets, and more.
  • Connect up to three mobile devices using the MimioMobile app, free with any MimioStudio™ license. Connect every mobile device in the classroom with the purchase of just one annual MimioMobile license.
  • The MimioMobile app connects in just seconds to the teacher’s MimioStudio software – no need to remember IP addresses or complicated logins.
  • Purchase just one annual license for the teacher and download the app to every student mobile device in the classroom.


Minimum Software Requirements for Classroom Computer

  • MimioStudio 11.5 or above software on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Compatible Devices

  • iOS (version 5.0 and above)
  • iPad 2 and above
  • iPad mini (all versions)
  • iPhone 4* and above
  • iPod touch 4th generation* and above
  • Android (Honeycomb, version 3.0 and above)

Supported Web Browsers

  • Google Chrome
  • Internet Explorer 11 and above
  • Microsoft Edge

Download the MimioMobile Information Sheet

Contact Education 2000 for Educator Pricing information. 

MimioMobile Software 7-Year License: Item #1910319

MSRP: $1,080.00

Educator Price: $700.00

MimioMobile Software Annual License Subscription: Item #1910310

MSRP: $260.00

Educator Price: $200.00

MimioStudio + MimioMobile Bundle 7-Year License: Item #1910419

MSRP: $1,210.00

Educator Price: $784.00

MimioStudio + MimioMobile Bundle Annual License: Item #1910410

MSRP: $303.00

Educator Price: $233.00

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