Interactive Flat Panel Displays and Stands


Education 2000 represents a variety of interactive flat panel display brands. These brands include: Newline, ClearTouch, HoverCam, and Boxlight Mimio.




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Interactive flat panel displays are the latest trend in classroom technology. This technology provides a vibrant interactive screen that engages the audience and enhances the learning experience.

Interactive flat panel displays provide bright and clear screens for the whole classroom to see in a complete comprehensive solution. The multi-touch on displays allow for collaborative learning in the classroom environment.

Displays also eliminate shadows that come with projectors and eliminate having to turn off lights to see the projected image. Also, when mounted on a rolling stand, displays can be moved when not in use and can be moved to use in another room.

How do you find the option that best fits the needs of your classroom with all of the different brands and options of interactive flat panel displays?

Most of the options available for displays can be chosen to fit the needs of a classroom and some features can be added depending on what the goal is of using the interactive display. These options include multiple sizes, built-in computer modules, 10-touch or 20-touch capability, and a variety of stands to mount the display.

Display sizes range from 55 inches to 86 inches. Questions to consider are: What display size fits best in the classroom space? What size is big enough for the whole classroom to see?

Some displays come packaged with a built-in Android computer and management system. There is also the option to add-on a built-in computer module. A laptop can also be connected to the display.

Another factor to consider is the type of stand to use with a display. The types of stands include fixed mobile stands, motorized height-adjustable stands, and motorized stands that convert into a tabletop mode.

Finding the right display and features to fit your classroom needs can be overwhelming with all of the different options.    

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