Vivi: The Simplest Way to a Connected Classroom

Education 2000 is now representing Vivi, a wireless mirroring solution built specifically for education that works on every device and every operating platform. Vivi's screen mirroring technology transforms the classroom into an interactive, collaborative learning space for both teacher and student.

With the Vivi wireless presentation solution, teachers are now given the freedom to navigate their classroom with no restrictions, engaging with both the screen and the students from any point in the room, increasing student engagement.

Vivi makes it simple and easy to switch control between students and their teacher, allowing for a free flowing efficient learning environment. 

Students can present their ideas and share their screen to the entire class with teacher permission. The ability to easily take control of the screen empowers the students to show their own work and receive real-time feedback from peers and teachers.

Vivi is easy to set-up and install. The Vivi solution begins with the receiver, a small, easy to hide device which once installed allows any screen to become Vivi-enabled. The Vivi receiver is connected via Ethernet cord to the school’s internet and the classrooms screen via an HDMI cable.

Vivi is a BYOD platform, allowing any device or operating system to connect to the display directly through the school network.

The Vivi App gives the user access to all of Vivi’s features and gives them the ability to manage their screen. It is easy for both students and teachers to use allowing the focus to be on what’s important - engaging the students. 

Vivi is monitored and managed centrally through Vivi's Admin portal. 

The Admin portal is an intuitive centralized platform designed to help administrators easily access and configure the schools Vivi environments. This portal is where administrators can manage all account settings, room names, boxes and user settings. Curriculum and E-Learning Managers will be able to see the participation and engagement levels of Vivi users in their schools. 

Through ease of access and simplicity of use, the Vivi platform supports 21st Century learning - creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and communication. A Vivi-enabled school allows teachers and students to walk into any classroom and present from any screen regardless of device or platform. This strips away the thinking around ‘how to connect’ and allows people to focus on the thoughts they want to visually communicate to the classroom.

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