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Boxlight Mimio - Boxlight Mimio website.

MimioConnect - Register on MimioConnect to create and share educational resources with other Mimio users. Download free templates, lessons and galleries to use with your Mimio.

Mimio On-Demand Video Tutorials

Mimio Product Documentation and Guides

Mimio Product Registration

MimioStudio Software Downloads and Upgrades

Mimio Tech Support Online - Need help with a Mimio product? The answer may be found here.

Mimio Tech Support Contact: Online Contact Form or Call: 877-MY-MIMIO  or  877-696-4646


Vivi - The wireless mirroring solution.


Newline Interactive - Flat Panel Touch Displays.


Clear Touch Interactive - Flat Panel Touch Displays.


HoverCam - Flat Panel Touch Displays and Document Cameras.

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Dukane - Dukane offers audio visual equipment, including displays and projectors.


Hue - Hue is the playful visualizer, webcam and document camera, popular with both home users and educators. Create stop motion animation and time lapse videos with the Hue Animation Studio software.

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UP 3D Printers - The latest 3D printing technology from the UP series of 3D printers manufactured by Tiertime Corporation.


Naiku - Stay ahead of the learning curve. Unlike bubble sheets, Naiku provides instant standards-based insight. Students use any web enabled device. Catch misconceptions during class before they become problems. Sign up for a free 30-day trial of Naiku’s Benchmark Now! and Quick Question.

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DiversitrackDiversitrack offers a sliding track mount system that supports the industry’s top brands of interactive whiteboards, projectors, dry-erase boards and big screen TV’s. Diversitrack allows classrooms to retain dry-erase whiteboard space while enabling the use of media devices. 

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FluidMath - FluidMath is educational software that enables teachers and students to easily create, solve, graph and animate math and physics problems all in their own hand-writing. 

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